Since 2004 Michel Hornstein is working as a producer for international folklore, emphased on Latin America in countries like: Colombia, Venezuela, Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua, Tibet, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Trinidad & Tobago, Mongolia and Cuba.

In Trenchtown, Jamaica, 2016, very nice musicians, thanks to everybody, special thanks to Phil Mathias!

With Martin Raymond and Rafael Robertson at Champion Sound Studio, Trinidad & Tobago. Highly recommended recording studio in Trinidad & Tobago.

Recording Haitian Music in 2012 in Port Au Prince. if you go to Haiti, you should look for Browns Louis Charles, Bic Impro Studio, very good contact.

Cheo Hurtado, Phili Hernandez and fantastic musicians in Caracas, Venezuela, 6/2006 during a production. Cheo Hurtado is a great friend and divine exeptional musician in Caracas, Venzeuela. Check out his fantasic band: Ensamble Gurrufio

Divine indian singers in Caracas, Venzuela, 6/2006

Junior and Monstel, great Calypso players from Costa Rica, i have been workin in 2005
with Papaya Music, fantastic record company in San José, check them out.

Angel, soundengineer Guatemala City, Sonnex Estudios.

Marimba de Bellas Artes, a great band in Guatemala, been workin with them in 11/200

Marino Jaén, a great friend in Panama City, check out.

Recording session in Panama City, 11/2005, Francisco De Gracia, and the great Sound engineer Ignacio Molino, PTY Studios, Panama City

Pindin Musicians, 11/2005 Panama City

Cesar Merlos and Franciso Prudendio from El Salvador, the guys who saved my life, !!!Grekc!!! Fantastic musicians and great friends.

Cesar Merlos, Claudio Marazan, the sound engineer, and Franciso Prudencio, El Salvador, 2006

Mohobub Flores and "The New Rebells Band" from Dangriga, Belize.

Al Ovando, great musician and sound engineer from Dangriga, Belize. Great person!!!

Michael Hornstein and the "New Rebells Band", downtown Dangriga, Belize

Kenny Morgan, unique DJ, poet, writer, musician from Belize City, who helped me a lot!

Oswaldo Caal, sound engineer from San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Great person. Unforgettable.

Grupo de la Caramba from San Francisco de Yojoa, Honduras

The Band Laguira Garifuna  from Triunfo de la Cruz, Atlantida, Honduras

Great Marimba Band: ANTOLOGIA from San Pedro Sula, Cortes, Honduras

Donald Navas and Max Urso from COSTA NORTE Records, with Michael Hornstein, Honduras 11/2006

Philip Montalbán, beautiful musician and great friend from the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua.

Juan Solórzano, great musician from Managua, Nicaragua, thank you so much for everything. Beautiful voice!!!

Masaya, Nicaragua

Francisco Cedeno, great musican and producer from Mangua, Freddy Engelhardt, sound engineer and Miguel from the studio FUTURO 92 in Mangua.

Karol Ojeda, playin the colombian Flauta de Millo

Robayo Dario, what a honour to work with this master of the masters

In the middle soundengineer Tonio Castillo a genius on Logic Audio, and Hernando Manzano "Tati" and Ariel Villaveces, great Vallenato players.

If you want to produce music in Cuba - here are the ones to go: Rudolfo Jusitz Peruchin and the excellent soundengineer Hugo Suarez. Just great.